International exhibition-competition "AVANT-GARDE TODAY"

Press release
We invite artists and masters of abstract art to take part in the International exhibition-competition of modern art "AVANT-GARDE TODAY".

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Exhibition dates: April 11-21, 2023
Registration deadline: until April 8, 2023

Exhibition address: Exhibition Hall "Art-Commune in Maryino" in the Shopping and Entertainment Center "MARI"
(Moscow, Porechnaya st., 10, SEC "MARI", 2nd floor).

The long-awaited and unique event of the Art World

The exhibition is a large-scale forum uniting not only artists from Russia and the CIS countries, but also from foreign countries, including representatives from Europe and the Middle East.

"AVANT-GARDE TODAY" is a wide variety of art objects. In addition to the exhibition program, the project includes a series of master classes, creative and business meetings. International exhibition-competition of modern art "AVANT-GARDE TODAY" has a unique aura and a successful combination of creativity and business.
I. Exhibition and Fair: the works presented at the project are the best works from the collections of exhibitors as well as a promising investment and a valuable addition for any collection.
II. Exhibition and competition: works will be professionally assessed by the members of the international jury. The jury will determine laureates and winners.
III. Educational program: the exhibition includes a large program of master classes, creative and business meetings with famous stars of avant-garde art, experimental forms of perfomance and interaction between artists and spectators.
Section "Absctraction"
1) Abstract Expressionism
2) Suprematism
3) Biomorphic forms with geometric abstraction
4) Neoplasticism
5) Orphism
6) Rayonisme
7) Dadaism
8) Abstract Symbolism
9) Futuristic Abstraction
10) Tachisme
Section "Concepts"
1) Avant-Garde
2) Modernism
3) Futurism
4) Neo-expressionism
5) Impressionism
6) Pop Art and Neo-Pop Art
7) Conceptualism
8) Constructivism

 Section "Mystifications":
1) Surrealism
2) Fantasy Art (dark art, fantasy, horror)
3) Visionary art
4) Esoteric Picture
5) Cosmism
6) Naive Art


Held within the framework of the exhibition "AVANT-GARDE TODAY" numerous master classes will help to navigate both the authors and guests of the exhibition in the modern diversity of the World of Art. At the exhibition will be held a number of master classes with leading masters of avant-garde art.
The Expert Council (jury) includes well-known representatives of the World of Art from more than 10 countries! Among them are famous artists, designers, masters and photographers from Russia, the counties of the European Union, America and Asia.
The Expert Council consists of the following professional groups: a) members of unions and associations; b) representatives of specialized media; c) representatives of galleries and organizations; d) art critics and patrons.

World Art Foundation, with the support of the European Art Union, Eurasian Art Union, Production Center "The Art of the Future".
Avant-garde (French) is the advance party. Direction does not have stylistic unity. Belonging to the avant-garde artists is determined by the unclassical embodiment of ideas and the rejection of historical stereotypes. The true avant-garde artists is a polemist, a fighter, a master of eloquent speech. Avant-gardists are characterized by strength (up to aggression), energy, neglect of complexities, often mocking their spectators, critics and general way of life. Thus, the works presented at the exhibition will carry new forms, techniques and tools not previously used in the artistic world.
The project is a large-scale international artistic forum representing a variety of contemporary avant-garde works by both artists from the Russian Federation and from more than 20 foreign countries.
We invite you to the International exhibition-competition of modern art "AVANT-GARDE TODAY".
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